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DRC/Zeta – Drain Bolts – Magnetic.

R 85.00R 120.00



Designed to pick up excess bits of metal in your engine oil.

M10 and M12 drain bolts made of A7009-T6 aluminium. M8 drain bolt is made of stainless steel, light weight design.

Press fit magnet on the drain plugs.

Includes safety wire holes.

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M10x16-P1.25, M10x16-P1.25 Red, M10x22-P1.25 Blue, M10x22-P1.25 Red, M12X10, M12x12-P1.25 Orange, M12x15-P1.25 Blue, M12x15-P1.25 Red, M14x10-P1.25 Blue