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Garmin – Charger – Power-Pack-

R 2245.00


Extend your ride with the Garmin Charge power pack.

This external battery pack plugs directly in to the Edge® 1030 cycling computer, giving you up to 24 hours of additional battery life.

It even fits into the new streamlined bike mount¹.

You can also charge on the go by connecting the Garmin Charge power pack to any compatible fitness device with an additional cable — including wearables and other cycling computers.

Just connect the power pack with a USB charging cable² so you can stay in the action and get the most out of your activities.

This power pack weighs 132g.

¹Edge 1030 bike mount (010-12563-00) sold separately or included with the purchase of Edge 1030
²Wearables with wrist-based heart rate that use a plug-based charger cannot be worn while charging.

To use the Garmin Charge power pack with another Edge device you’ll need the Cycling Combo Mount (010-12563-00) and Battery Pack USB cable (010-12562-01).