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Leatt – Helmet – GPX 4.5 – V19.2 – Youth – Black/Lime

R 2920.00



The helmet is lined with turbines, which are 360 ̊moving discs constructed from an energy-absorbing shape and material.

This technology has two key advantages, namely the reduction of rotational acceleration to the head and brain and the absorption of energy upon impact at concussion level.

The entire outer shell is also reduced in volume, resulting in a significant decrease of rotational acceleration to the head and brain at impact, and proving that a smaller shell is a safer shell.

Next, multi-density, V-shaped impact foam is moulded directly to the outer shell. More cushioning, less surface area. A total win for the rider giving it his all.

Regardless of the speed, the Leatt 4.5 facilitates all-round ventilation. The complete ‘tech-smart’ helmet, the 4.5 is the wisest safety choice the no-holds-barred Thrill seeker could make.


  • Injected Polymer Compound shell in three sizes.
  • Multi-density, V-shaped impact foam moulded directly to the outer shell significantly reduces G-forces transferred to the head and brain.
  • Dri-Lex® moisture wicking, breathable, anti-odour and washable inner liner.
  • Optimal neck brace compatibility.
  • Maximized ventilation: optimized for off-road racing and effective even at very low speeds.
  • Visor with breakaway function for rotational reduction in a crash.
  • Emergency cheek pad removal.
  • Hydration ready (with optional hands-free kit)
  • Certified and tested: ECE 2205, DOT or JIS T 8133:2015

360° Turbine Technology:

  • Reduces up to 30% of head impact at concussion level.
  • Reduces up to 40% of rotational acceleration to head and brain.
  • Reduced outer shell volume: A 10% smaller shell, transfers up to 20% less rotational forces to the neck, head and brain.


  • 1150 ± 50g (2.53 lbs)

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