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Leatt – Hydration – SP 1 Handsfree – Black/Yellow-

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The SP1 bracepacks are revolutionary mobile hydration systems, creating a new market in off-road motorcycle and bicycle racing.

The construction is based on a specially developed liquid pack, easily strapped directly onto the rear thoracic strut of any Leatt neck brace, giving a well-balanced fit.

This enables the rider to combine increased neck protection and a hydration system in a very flexible way.

The SP1 bracepacks includes a unique helmet hands free kit (HHF), enabling the rider to drink completely hands free, without letting go of the handlebars.

This saves precious seconds on the track as well as being clearly safer for any rider.

This is an optimal hydration system for motocross, enduro and freeride bicycling.

  • Mounts easily on all Leatt neck braces (except STX road riding neck braces)
  • Holds 0.5 litres.
  • Disposable bladders help insure proper hygiene.
  • Integrates perfectly with Leatt chest/body protectors.
  • Aluminized insulation helps keep fluid cool.
  • Disposable bladders help insure proper hygiene.
  • Places bite valve right inside the helmet.
  • Quick release connection allows easy on and off.
  • Optional quick refill bottle sold separately.

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