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Michelin – BIB Mousse

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Invented by MICHELIN and intended for Cross Country, Rally, Enduro and MX use, Bib Mousse is:

  • Lighter than a reinforced tube, with a pressure equivalent to 0.9 bar (13psi), it eliminates the inconvenience of a puncture.
  • Designed exclusively for MICHELIN brand tyres and for all terrain leisure use.

The maximum speed with a tyre using MICHELIN Bib Mousse is 130kph (80mph). It carries the letters NHS (Not for Highway Service). Consequently, it should not be used on the public highway.

MICHELIN Bib Mousse should not be kept long term at temperatures above 30°C and it is best to avoid temperatures above 40°C altogether.

It can be used for a maximum of 6 months after fitting; however, the lifespan of MICHELIN Bib Mousse varies considerably depending on the intensity of usage and the discipline practised. For example, it will be much shorter for Motocross than for Enduro.

Before a fast stage, we recommend you warm up the tyre and the MICHELIN Bib Mousse progressively at a moderate speed.

Apply Michelin gel every time you put on or take off a MICHELIN Bib Mousse, both new and used, to prolong its life and avoid excessive overheating.

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MOUSSE 140/90-18 DRT, MOUSSE 90/100-21, MOUSSE 110/90-19, MOUSSE 140/80-18, MOUSSE M16 ENDURO, MOUSSE 120/90-18 M18, MOUSSE 80/100-21, MOUSSE 90/90-21