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Mitas – Tyre – Terra Force – EF Range – (Green)

R 1035.00R 1380.00



Mitas TERRA FORCE-EF Super light, marked with a green stripe, is designed for harder Enduro races.

Compared to the Super version, it has a softer tread compound that ensures better adhesion and performance on hard and rocky terrain or in wet forest terrain on tree roots.

Designed for the harder competitions, it complies with current FIM regulations for Enduro competition tyres.

Super light (green stripe marking) – tire with softer carcass and soft tread suitable for hard Enduro competition.

Additional information

Tyre Size

140/80-18 (70M) TERRA FORCE-EF green, 120/90-18 (65R) TERRA FORCE-EF green, 90/100-21 57R TERRA FORCE-EF green, 90/90-21 54R TERRA FORCE-EF green