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Mitas – Tyre – Terra Force – MX Range – (Medium/Hard)

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Mitas TERRA FORCE-MX replaces the previous motocross competition range and was developed in cooperation with many professional motocross riders on different tracks and various types of terrain.

The new line is offered in three tread patterns to meet the requirements of all riders and types of terrain.

TERRA FORCE-MX MH is a motocross tyre for all types of terrain, from medium to hard.

The rear tyre knobs offer maximum traction on all terrain applications.

The surface area and new structure of tread compound ensure a balance between stiffness, reliability and long-lasting performance.

The tread pattern is designed for maximum traction, even with changing terrain conditions, to provide maximum speed and ride control.

The broad spacing between the central knobs provides maximum traction on intermediate to hard terrain.

The front tyre knobs have an arrow-like layout and the side knobs deliver directional accuracy on the straightaway.

  • Speed rating: M = 130 km/h.
  • Load index: 65 = 290 kg.
  • Season: All-season tyres.

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Tyre Size

120/90-18 (65M) TERRA FORCE-MX MH, 110/100-18 64M TERRA FORCE- MX MH, 100/90-19 57M TERRA FORCE-MX MH, 110/90-19 62M TERRA FORCE-MX MH, 120/80-19 63M TERRA FORCE-MX MH, 90/100-21 TERRA FORCE-MX MH, 90/90-21 TERRA FORCE-MX MH, 120/90-18 TERRA FORCE-MX MH SUPER SOFT (dbl green), 90/100-21 (57M) TERRA FORCE-MX MH SUPER (yellow), 90/100-21 (57M) TERRA FORCE-MX MH SUPER LIGHT (green)