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Nitro – Mousse

R 1590.00R 1865.00



Nitro mousse provides a much more progressive, predictable, and secure feel from the very first ride that will never leave you stuck with a flat!

  • Nitro mousse uses an incredibly tough micro-matrix of proprietary elastomers Increasing Durability, allowing Nitro mousse to last up to 2x longer than other mousses.
  • Nitro mousse contains a high concentration of Nitrogen which gives it a much Plusher, Pneumatic (air) feel, eliminating the dreaded “Dead Feel”.
  • The Nitrogen formula gives the Nitro mousse a Low-Pressure Predictable ride, Resisting Impacts and increasing Bump Absorption.
  • The Nitro mousse compounds allow for a more Lively, Progressive ride eliminating Deflection and providing a Lighter feel in motion.
  • Nitro mousse does not need a Break-in Period and has been designed and tested to Perform Consistently in Temperature ranges from 30-100+ Degrees.
  • Nitro mousse’s Performance and Durability all come at an Exceptional Price.


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Nitro Mousse

110/100-18, 120/100-18, 140/80-18, 80/100-90/90-21, 90/100-21, 140/100-18, 110/90-19 & 120/90-19, 110/100-18 SOFT, 120/100-18 SOFT, 140/80-18 SOFT, 90/100-21 SOFT, 90/100-16, 70/100-19