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Powasol – Multi-Purpose Bike Wash-

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POWASOL is the ideal cleaning solution for all your motorised and non-motorised sports toys.

It’s non-hazardous, environmentally friendly composition is designed to dissolve dirt and degrease oil stains in a dash.

Powasol Bike Wash has stood the test of time. An environmentally suitable product designed to dissolve soils in seconds without damaging bearings, seal, brake pads and paint work.

The product is red in colour and dilutes up to 5: 1 with water. Pack sizes: 750ml Sprayer, 1Lt, 5Lt, 25Lt

POWASOL is suitable for storm water disposal and contains no caustic additives, petroleum or acids.

Suitable for:

On and off-road motorcycles.

Mountain bikes and road bikes.

Mag wheels and car engines.

Engine / motor parts.

General surfaces.

Directions of use:

POWASOL offers great value-for-money by allowing up to a 1:5 dilution ratio although it can be mixed down to a 3:1 ratio for very stubborn instances of dirt.

Simply wash off your ride with clean water (preferably with a high-pressure hose) to remove excess dirt, then spray POWASOL over the area to be cleaned and leave for 10 minutes.

Sponge down and rinse with clean water or respray with a high-pressure cleaner for a spotless finish.

Use gloves if you have sensitive skin.

Avoid contact with eyes and mouth.


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750ml, 5l, 25l