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Suunto – Sensor Belt & Module

R 1160.00

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Whatever your sport, Suunto Smart Sensor measures your heart rate with great comfort and accuracy. While swimming, the sensor stores your heart rate data and transfers it wirelessly to your compatible Suunto sports watch or Suunto Moves-count App.

The Suunto Smart Sensor package comes with a comfortable black heart rate belt in size M. Alternatively, you can purchase the Suunto Smart Sensor module and the Smart Sensor belt separately – this gives you an opportunity to choose from belt sizes S or L, or size M in different colours.

The Suunto Smart Sensor module also be used on its own when attached to – compatible sports apparel.

  • Compact, comfortable fit.
  • Records heart rate in swimming and other sports .
  • Compatible with Suunto Moves-count App and Bluetooth Smart devices.